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Student Veteran House

The Student Veteran House is located in the Voyager House at 125 Wright Street. The house is meant to be a retreat and resource for all Carroll students who are active military or veterans, or who are family members of veterans receiving education benefits.


The Carroll Student Veteran Organization (CSVO) is working with campus personnel to remodel the space to better suit student needs. The house already has 2 computers with CAC access, a printer (MFD), phone, microwaves and mini fridges, a TV lounge area, bathroom, meeting/study spaces, ADA rear-entrance and parking. Plans are in the works for a picnic table, flagpole and expanded kitchenette. Members of our military family can access the house using the Carroll ID swipe system via the rear entrance. Students should requested access via email from Mary Hensel at You will need to provide her with your Carroll Student ID. Please copy CSVO President Michaela Phillips on the request so she is aware of all who have access to the house.



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