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The Office of Student Success asks students to work to limit office drop-ins. We have made it easy for all students to schedule an appointment through this page. Please select "Schedule an Appointment" on the left to set up a meeting with the Office of Student Success.

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. 


Senior Director of Student Success 

Jeff McNamara, M.Ed.


Office:    262-524-7360 

Text:       262-891-1300


Assistant Director of Student Success

Sam O' Sullivan


Office:  262-524-7442

Text:  262-421-4229 


The philosophy of the Office of Student Success is to always do what is in the best interest of the student. We accomplish this by helping every student make choices that will lead to their success. Our staff offers to help students in any way possible – educational, personal or otherwise.

We are the office that assists students with their questions and concerns. Each new student has three people on campus assigned to him/her:

  • An academic adviser
  • A student success director
  • An orientation mentor

The office has been nationally recognized as a leader in monitoring student issues on campus and intervening in the most appropriate manner.  The cutting edge model used on our campus to assist students to persevere and graduate is sought after around the country by colleges and universities.  Since the office was created in 2008, retention has increased 6%, while the national average for private institutions over the same period rose just 2%.




Jeff McNamara
Senior Director of Student Success
Library 018
Office: 262.524.7360
Text:  262.891.1300

Campus Resources

Carroll's Learning Commons is also widely known for its success after being implemented over nine years ago.  Schools from around the country visit campus regularly to observe how the Learning Commons works here at Carroll. 


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Sam O'Sullivan
Assistant Director of Student Success
Library 012
Office: 262.524.7442
Text:  262.421.4229


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